What To Do When You Can’t Do That… “The Plank”

Pallof Press Iso Hold w/Dumbbell


  • With your feet positioned hip-width apart and knees slightly bent, hold the band to the middle of your chest. This will be your starting position.
  • Set up with a band firmly affixed to an immovable object. Stand in a line with the band apparatus and turn your body perpendicular.
  • Center the band on your chest using both hands.
  • Push the band straight out in front of you, fully extending both arms. You core should be tight and engaged; keeping your body in a straight-line with no rotation.
  • Hold it in front for 3 seconds, and then return the band in complete control to your chest.
  • Do not allow the band to rotate your upper body back towards the machine.
  • Perform all prescribed reps on one side, then on the other. These counts as one set.
  • This exercise is the most effective way to transfer the strength of the plank to a standing position. Use a cable-column machine with the cable pulley at approximately chest height and position the pulley on the right side of the body. Place both feet approximately hip-width apart and press them into the ground. Keep your knees bent, sink into your hips and brace your core as if you were doing a standard plank. Select a weight that will be challenging for six to eight repetitions, grab the handle in both hands and press it away from the body. Alternate sides and repeat the exercise with the left side of your body facing the machine.
  • To increase the level of difficulty bring the feet closer together or use a staggered stance with one leg forward and the other leg back (like a static lunge).

All structures require a strong foundation for optimal stability, and the human body is no exception. Improving strength of the deep abdominal muscles helps establish a solid foundation for the human structure. To enhance core strength and reduce low-back pain, it is important to use stomach flattening exercises, such as the plank, that co-contract all layers of abdominal fascia at the same time.

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